Designed to make women feel at ease and part of our incredible community, we connect ladies across the UK through our exciting and inclusive country events. What continues to spur on our network is seeing our members flourish and accomplish great things. We are so proud of every single lady that has had the confidence to take their first step with us, by either joining one of our social events or one of our carefully selected game and simulated shoot days. We have ladies with all levels of experience taking part in our events, from those who have recently picked up a gun for the first time to those who shoot competitively.

Our main aims are to ensure that every single person is relaxed, enjoying the event and making memories with friends they will never forget. We do so by providing a safe environment, helping you understand the traditions of shooting and by supporting your development. It is incredible to see all the opportunities and friendships that have arisen from The Country Girls UK and we want to continue to help create those moments for you, not just in shooting but throughout all country pursuits.


Tania Coxon is a full-time arable farmer on her family farm in the North East of England and has been a keen shot all her life. Tania is either working hard on the farm or with her gun in hand and her black Labrador ‘Hector’ by her side. Her passion for farming from a young age led her to further her knowledge by studying Agriculture and Farm Business Management at The Royal Agricultural University. Taking university life in her stride, Tania graduated in 2018 with BSC Honours while achieving the award for ‘The Best Prospective Farmer’ after she captained the winning university team for ‘The 2018 Hutchinson and Velcourt Cereals Challenge’. After graduating, Tania wanted to share her farming and shooting journey through her Instagram account @countrygirl_andlabradors, which is how she portrayed ‘It all started!’. 

‘Every day I would get incredible ladies asking how to get into shooting or how to meet like-minded women to shoot with’, she goes on to explain how she got annoyed of never being able to give an easy answer. Tania’s passion to educate and get more people into shooting along with the numerous questions is how The Country Girls UK started.  ‘My passion is not just the shooting itself’ she goes on to explain how educating those on why she does what she does is a key driver behind her social media presence.

‘I thrive on helping people in any way I can and by doing anything I can to help our incredible shooting community grow. I want to give women a platform they can shout about, meet like-minded friends for life and experience things they’ve never experienced before. All of these alongside finding their inner confidence to pick up a gun and feel like they have the courage, experience and ability to smash those targets in front of them is exactly why this network started in the first place and I am so excited for the future!’


In the future, our goals are to expand across multiple country pursuits and build on our outstanding list of venues across the UK. We want to include as many of you as possible throughout our journey and help educate and enlighten individuals on the incredible variety of country pursuits the UK has to offer. We will do this by supporting those that champion what we do best and helping wherever we can as a community.


Our Beginners events are for those that have never picked up a gun before and those that have little confidence and would like to progress their shooting journey. Our beginner’s days have our ladies at the forefront of everything we do. Our days and the layouts vary based on the individuals that sign up for the particular events. Our beginner’s days are the perfect opportunity for ladies wanting to meet more like-minded women in their local area and for those that would like to gain more confidence with a gun in a safe and welcoming environment.


Our simulated clay days run during the offseason, from 1st February – 1st October. A lot of our sim clay days are based on shoots used for live game shooting, meaning the topography of the land is the same and therefore the experience is identical to a game shoot. Simulated clay days are the perfect event if you are looking to transition from the clay ground to live game and want a safe, non-pressured and affordable environment to do so. Our simulated days are also perfect if you’re a keen shot looking to keep your eye in during the offseason or if you just want to get out in the field for an amazing day with a bunch of incredible ladies.


Our game days run during the partridge and pheasant season from 1st September – 1st February. These days are situated on outstanding local and family-run shoots across the UK. We offer a truly personal game shooting experience and are very proud of what we have to offer. Whether you are new to live game shooting or an experienced shot, you are very much welcome. We will take care of all your needs throughout the day to ensure you have an extremely safe and enjoyable experience with us.


Our social events are currently on hold due to COVID-19. This doesn’t mean you should miss out, included in our social membership package are a host of other exciting perks! We’ve lined up some incredible presentations, interviews, Q&As, blogs and offers! Once the dreaded COVID allows, our social events will begin and trust us when we say, you are not going to want to miss out! We have utilised our time over lockdown to perfect these events – we can’t wait to show you what we have planned.

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What an amazing group of girls the CGUK community is. I have been on 2 days now (Ampton Game & Grimston Sim) and both have been absolutely incredible. You click instantly with all the girls on the days and Tania and the teamwork so so hard to put on the best day and to make everyone feel included. Not only is the shooting top class, but the social side of the group also is amazing, and making friends has been so easy!

Natasha Blackburn – Simulated clay day
All I can tell you is if you haven’t yet because you’re anxious or nervous about meeting new people. Don’t be! These girls are absolutely incredible and ALL so welcoming!
I went on my first sim day over the weekend not knowing anyone and I came back knowing everyone. We laughed all day and I feel like I am fully apart of this amazing community.
So just take the plunge and do it! I promise you won’t regret it xox
Primrose Oates – Simulated clay day

I’ve shot a bit before but not shotguns so I was expected to perhaps hit 1 and have a few nice chats throughout the day. I was so wrong! I howled with laughter for the whole day, chatted and made friends with a bunch of the most welcoming women I could have imagined! Elsewhere I’ve shot before has been very male-dominated and it was a breath of fresh air to just get cheered on and encouraged by ladies who are all in similar boats! I’ve already booked 2 more events, and am going camping and to Scotland, with some girls, I’ve never even met but know I’m going to laugh with. It’s such a little community with kindness I’ve not experienced before!

Elissa Hilsden – Beginners day
Where do I start, booking onto an entire shoot day with a group of ladies I had never met before absolutely terrified me but I knew if I didn’t I would regret it.
From booking to the actual day Tania was there every second of doubt to answer questions and make us feel at home including creating a group chat for everyone on the shoot day.
I went into the day wondering if I would be good enough or if I would fit in with everyone! I couldn’t have been more wrong. With the amazing help of the Phillip Thorrold instructors, I got 20/25 on my first stand and the girls were incredibly cheering and laughing at every member making you feel amazing.
If you want to get into shooting or just want to meet some incredible county ladies then look no further than The Country Girls. It’s not just a club you join it’s a family xx
Alice Bridges – Beginners day

Having never been on a shoot before I was pretty nervous, even more so because I didn’t know a single person going. The organisation in the lead up to the day was spot on and we were paired up (all newbies were paired up with someone experienced) which meant you had time to plan who was taking what and had someone to bombard with questions. Despite the fact, some of the girls knew each other already it wasn’t at all cliquey! Everyone is super welcoming and it’s a really relaxed atmosphere so don’t be afraid to get involved and ask questions. I wish I’d gone along sooner and I’m looking forward to the next one!

Sarah Sanderson – Simulated clay day

This was an incredible day of firsts, not just for me, but for the other ladies making up the team of guns: It was my first game day where 100% of the team of guns were ladies. My first game day where I knew no one else before I arrived, but left having made some amazing friends. My first ever game day where I was alongside experience shots and complete beginners, one of which shot her first-ever game bird, a privilege to see. The day was wonderful, considering I was nervous on my way, when I met all the other guns, I felt instantly relaxed and knew I was in for a day to remember. The presentation of the birds from folly sporting were fantastic, ranging from some easier birds for the beginners so some testing highflyers for the more experienced shots. After the incredible day of sport and food, we all left with game birds from the day and pheasant sausages made by folly sporting – the perfect cherry on the cake. I only hope I get to experience a day like this again.

Amelia Rome – Game day

Having followed The Country Girls UK since the very beginning and becoming very friendly with Tania, she kindly asked me to oversee a shoot she had organised at The Folly Sporting while she was away travelling. So if you take 18 women, most of who haven’t met before and travel to a shoot in rural Leicestershire for a day of game shooting, what can you really expect? Well, we had the most incredible day of shooting and laughter! After the warmest of welcomes and introductions, all the ladies were split into pairs dependent on ability making sure any novices were paired with an experienced gun. Throughout the day there were five drives of fabulous shooting with some girls bagging their first-ever game which meant there were definitely smiles all round! Alongside the shooting, the day included fantastic hospitality. Starting with bacon rolls for breakfast followed by elevenses, lunch and finishing with tea and homemade cakes, all accompanied by plenty of bubbles! To top it off, all ladies were presented with gift bags full of amazing goodies! Such a lovely and unexpected touch. After a day out with The Country Girls UK, you can be guaranteed to leave with newfound confidence, a whole bunch of new friends and a smile on your face.

Claire Annable – Game day

I absolutely loved my first ever Game day at The Folly with the Country Girls UK organised by Tania. I was the first to turn up (I was super early), I was a little nervous but was soon put at ease as soon as I met Kate, James and their lovely family… I was shown to the very cosy boot room and the other Country Girls started to arrive soon after. What a friendly and encouraging bunch of ladies, for someone who is very new to this sport and didn’t really know what to expect but again I was put at ease. Met my beautiful peg partner Caitlin for the first time, who kindly let me use her gun for the day and guided me through the day (we have now become very good friends) From start to finish it was well-organised hospitality was amazing and was enjoyed by all. Just to top off what was already a brilliant day I shot my first bird and also got kindly picked as the novice shooter of the day and was given a bag full of beautiful gifts. I left on a massive high with some new friends who I have since met up with at other events. Cannot wait until the next CGUK event. Thank you, EVERYONE, that was involved x

Hayley Varney – Game day

The shoot at The Plucked Pheasant was my first experience of a sim day and it completely exceeded my expectations thanks to all the hard work of everyone involved in planning it. The drives were fantastic, the hospitality was incredible and the company of the girls there was brilliant! I couldn’t fault a single thing and am so happy and grateful to have been part of it all. It’s a memory I will treasure forever, and I am forever in debt to the people there that have given me both the confidence to get out and shoot more, as well as the life -long friendships I have made as a result of this day.

Daniella Rye – Simulated clay day

My First Ladies sim day & what a cracking day it was, the excitement and rush of emotions on this day was never-ending. It was incredible. The plucked pheasant were phenomenal hosts! Everything down to the last detail I want to shout off the rooftops and praise! I’ve been around guns for a few years as my husband shoots, but I have never taken a keen interest in them until the middle of last year. The @thecountrygirlsuk gave me the confidence to attend a local shoot and shoot my first pheasant! Knowing all of those 200+ supportive ladies were in my pocket cheering me on gave me the best feeling. Since then I’ve gone from knowing I’m gun safe to being completely in charge of my gun! All thanks to the mega support of the country girls which made this sim day so much more fun knowing I was only surrounded by support and help, not judgement. The entire day at the plucked pheasant was such a memorable day, the atmosphere was next to none with all the excited faces of everyone new and experienced. It was such fun watching all the girls that had never been on a sim day before, gain the confidence & smash clays was amazing. A lot of the ladies were so nervous about before the day but after the first drive, you could tell that was all gone. I couldn’t stop seeing smiles all day, the infectious laughter echoed from us at peg 9 all the way down to peg 1 and never stopped all day. Given the chance and my bank account, I would be on every day the Country Girls put on. You are never disappointed and always feel so much love and support. As well as your face hurting from smiling so much, which is never a bad thing! So big thank you to the @thepluckedpheasant, @thecountrygirlsuk, our amazing photographer @hagued92 and of course all of the amazing ladies who went on the day and made it such fun! 💕💕💕

Shannon Hunter – Simulated clay day

This was my first sim day and it was safe to say it did not disappoint. I picked a gun up for the first time last November and haven’t been shooting clays as much as I can, but progressing from clays to real game is quite a daunting thought so a day like this was perfect for you to get an understanding of how game days run and what to expect from them. The Country Girls group has been so encouraging and supportive and I honestly wouldn’t have ever done something like this if it wasn’t for them, I’ve definitely made some friends for life.
The day itself ( and especially the food 😍 ) exceeded my expectations and I can’t thank Rich and Francesca enough for all the time and thought that went into planning an amazing day for us all, Tania for getting us all together and pushing us a lot of us out of our comfort zones to do this amazing day & of course Dan for his amazing pictures.
This is definitely the first of many sim days for me 💙

Alix Jade – Simulated clay day

Where to start… this was my first sim day, having only shot a couple of beaters days and some clay lessons, I was ready for the challenge! Emily and I drove up together and picked up two “strangers” (Mel & Amelia) in which we all did not take a breath for talking and laughing so much on the way there. It was exciting yet daunting to meet all the rest of the girls, everyone was so lovely we were all at ease and straight away it was clear that the day was going to be one to remember!! It is rare to find such a great bunch of ladies all in one place. I can’t thank Tania enough as not only have you helped fuel my passion and confidence in shooting but also make new long-lasting friendships! @thepluckedpheasant put on the most fantastic day and one to remember, their attention to detail is impeccable and I wish them all the success with the business! 💖

Kirsten Smith – Simulated clay day

Wow. Where to start? Arriving at the sim day, having not met any of the @thecountrygirlsuk before, I was super nervous…. although had no need to be! The group of girls were so lovely and friendly, and I am so pleased to have found such a great group of girls who share the same interests. Frankie and Richard from @thepluckedpheasant were also very welcoming and their hospitality was second to none. Everything was so well thought of, from the food & drinks to each drive, this all made the day run smoothly ensuring we all had the best time! 💖

Becky Witt – Simulated clay day

I had the best day with an amazing bunch of the Country girls. Each of the four drives had a varying layout, putting both clays to test us and clays to build our confidence over our heads. Starting the day knowing no one and ending it knowing some amazing people was a bonus! I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend a @thecountrygirlsuk day to everyone! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Amelia Roma – Simulated clay day

We arrived at 10 am, to a room of tea, coffee, bacon butties and faces full of nerves and excitement. I knew a lot of the girls already but that’s what’s great about @TheCountryGirlsUK events, we always pair up with someone new, so after meeting the lovely @ginshartop, we headed out by car to the first two drives. First up was a nice warm-up drive with steady mid-height driven clays from behind a woodland, everyone got stuck in and relaxed. This was followed by a fun drive full of high driven clays off a bank where we were pegged on the edge with some tricky targets over a tree line. We were soon laughing, and the poaching was well underway! Time for elevenses, Sloegasms and a spread of homemade pies, sausage rolls, Parma ham, olives and more! The sun was out and we all de-layering in excitement of the final two drives. Next up was an open field full of partridge crossers, followed by a final big quarry high pheasant drive. I was in my element and this pic says it all – we are both celebrating here after I hit a nice left and right, poaching from both my neighbouring pegs. I honestly can’t recommend a day with @thecountrygirlsuk enough. Whether you’re new or experienced, there’s something for everyone and we always spend the day laughing and having fun in some of the most stunning scenery. A big thank you to @grimstonsimulatedgame and @countrygirl_andlabradors for such an amazing day!

Hannah Colyer – Simulated clay day

I was pretty apprehensive arriving at the Country Girls UK sim day, I don’t shoot well with an audience and so I felt a little out of my depth, but I needn’t have worried. Everyone was so warm and welcoming with a superb comradery spirit which put me at total ease. Grimston simulated game put on a superb display of varying clays which both boosted confidence and tested your skills. Coupled with exquisite food and drinks we were treated like total queens making the whole day such an amazing experience which I would wholeheartedly recommend. I’ve never turned up somewhere not knowing a soul and came away with so many new friends! Being mostly a game shooter, this really is the next best thing and really helped me get my eye in for the coming season! So to anyone holding off due to nerves or lack of confidence, please do get involved, you won’t regret it and you’ll have the most memorable, fun and laughter filled day!

Alex Naim – Simulated clay day

I have to say if you had said to me this time last year that I would be out on a sim day with 17 other girls that I’d never met… I would’ve said… NO chance! But here I am, literally smashing the clay! @thecountrygirlsuk group has brought out so much confidence in me, and the support from all the girls in the group has just encouraged me to get out and have a go at something completely new to me! I have learnt and am still learning so much from every single one of the ladies! I have made friends for life through this group, and I can’t wait to get out more and more with them all! I loved this sim day so much, that the day after, I booked myself onto the next sim day with The Country Girls UK! I’m getting all this practice in ready for my first game day with the girls in December! What an awesome group of women, absolutely smashing it, in what is quite a male-dominated lifestyle!

Emily Winter – Simulated clay day