Country Pursuits

It’s not just shooting! As country girls we are interested in all country pursuits! Look out for future blogs encompassing all country pursuits!

Saving Our Precious Chalkstreams

Written by Simon Tilbury

David Attenborough described chalkstreams as “one of the rarest habitats on Earth” in his recent BBC series Wild Isles. 85% of them are found in England, a reflection of the… Read more »

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Revisited: Mental Health And Applying For Your License

Written by Caroline Roddis

With mental health awareness week being 13th-19th May 2024, we thought it was an ideal opportunity to revisit this blog from Caroline Roddis, founder of Medcert, written in 2023. If… Read more »

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Iguana Hunting in Florida

Written by Tania Coxon

For Brits Iguana hunting is not something many have heard of or would ever consider doing. In the United Kingdom Iguanas are one of the most common reptiles found in… Read more »

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The Reasons Why

Written by Kevin Kossowan

I produce a wild food series in Canada, and we’re just on the doorstep of producing Season 11. When it all started, iTunes had just started and Netflix was still… Read more »

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From Bristol to Peterborough: A Day of Deer Stalking with Chef José Souto 🇬🇧

Video by Alex Russon

Alex Russon from Hunter Gatherer Cooking is an incredible advocate for hunting and gathering (oh, and cooking… the clue is in the name I guess!) Passionate about sourcing local produce… Read more »

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Christmas Gifts For Country Women & Ladies’ Stocking Filler Ideas

Written by Farlows Ltd

So you’ve thought about everybody else’s presents but can’t think of something you want on your list to the big man in the red suit? Well, Farlows are on hand… Read more »

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The Best Fly Fishing Gifts For Christmas

Written by Sportfish

Our wonderful Marketplace brand Sportfish are the UK’s leading supplier of game and fly fishing tackle. With a plethora of products across their shop, you best believe you can find… Read more »

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The CGUK: 3 Years On

Written by The Country Girls UK Team

Well would you believe it! On the 1st November, we officially turn 3!!  The time is flying by and as the well known saying goes…time flies when you’re having fun!… Read more »

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BASC Podcast: James Green Discusses All Things Wildfowling

BASC Podcast

BASC’s Head Of wildfowling James Green looks back on an eventful season, talks about wildfowling’s conservation objectives and how to get involved. ABOUT WILDFOWLINGFor more information about wildfowling, please contact… Read more »

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The British Falconers’ Club

Written by Simon Tyers

The BFC is the largest falconry club in the UK established in 1927, is also the oldest falconry club in the UK and maintains a proud tradition of excellence in the husbandry… Read more »

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