Sim Days replicate live game shooting.  They are great fun but gun safety is still paramount, so they aren’t suitable for beginners who haven’t yet learned safe gun handling skills and habits.

  • Safe gun handling should be 100% automatic.  Good shooting is no accident!
  • Your gun should be in good order.  Malfunctions can be dangerous as well as annoying!
  • Wear sturdy grippy footwear.  If you’re foot-loose then you ain’t safe to shoot!
  • Be all ears!  Ear protection is essential.  I SAID EAR PROTECTION IS ESSENTIAL!
  • You can’t shoot it if you can’t see it!  Don’t be blind to wearing shooting glasses!
  • Hats on please!  A head butt from a piece of clay can seriously hurt and cause injury!

  • Just cartridges?  Get the right weight and shot size.  And NEVER mix your calibres!
  • Bang, bang! Who’s there?  Know where other guns, loaders, trappers and spectators are!
  • Gun malfunction precaution.  Close the gun into the ground in case of instant discharge!
  • Aim high into the (hopefully, blue) sky!  And shoot the bits too!  But nothing low!
  • Beware of frantic, rushed shooting!  Being off-balance with a loaded gun is not good!
  • Keep guns in slips at all times.  Until it’s your turn to shoot, that is!  Yippee!
  • Guns must be broken at all times – INCLUDING before taking in and out of the slip!
  • Check your barrels are clear.  Blockages could have disastrous consequences!
  • Clear the ground around you.  Don’t slip or trip on a gun slip with a loaded gun!
  • Keep below the limit!  Like “drink driving”, “sloshed shooting” isn’t clever or funny!

  • Hot shots mean hot barrels!  Wear gloves or use a barrel protector for SbS users!
  • Chokes should be tight, and I don’t mean full and full!  A loose choke is no joke!
  • Mind your loader!  In the rush to shoot, beware of your loader and their fingers!
  • Licenced to kill clays?  Always have your Shot Gun Certificate with you when shooting!
  • Ensure your insured!  Make sure you’re covered, should the worst happen…


Written by Nicki Wakeford