Join Becca and Lizzie as they take us behind the scenes and share why they decided to set up the Boots and Heels podcast, their background and their dream guests.

Hello! We’re Becca and Lizzie, also known as Boots and Heels. We began our journey together just over a year ago, in February 2021, when we met whilst working at a poultry equipment supply company.

Over many cuppas and lunch breaks, we soon realised that with Becca as a 5th generation farmer, and Lizzie not from a farming background, we had many questions for one another that allowed us to laugh, learn and share our passion for the agricultural industry.

From those questions, the Boots and Heels podcast was born, named after the shoes we both wear to showcase that no matter your background, you can still find your place in agriculture.

After starting in our bedrooms, using duvets to help sound quality, we’ve now achieved things we could never have expected.

Throughout the past year, we’ve managed to chart in Apple’s Top 200 podcasts for Personal Journals, featured on ITV and BBC Look North as well as be acquired by Farmers Weekly. 

Now, with both the public and farmers following us, we’ve moved to a brand-new video series, touring the UK to showcase the best of British Agriculture.

Meeting many different people, from YouTube sensation Tom Pemberton, This Farming Life’s Emma Gray to Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fetcher, we’re able to celebrate what the countryside has to offer and bring it to you from two different perspectives.

Plus, you’ll see us getting hands-on on farm, from milking cows, training sheepdogs, tasting Buffalo to driving tractors- all with friendly Team Boots Vs Team Heels challenges!

You can catch up on Season 1 and 2 on all streaming platforms and see the latest videos from Season 3 on the Farmers Weekly YouTube channel. You can also follow what we get up to on our social media channels @bootsandheelsuk.

Thanks for all the support- it means so much to us,

Becca and Lizzie x