Glaze & Gordon is a company born through the love of field sports and the countryside, we understand that these are not just hobbies but a lifestyle choice and wanted to curate a collection of items that contribute to a country way of life and provide the quality and substance to withstand the wear and tear that countryside living endures.

We have had an exciting year working on many different opportunities brought to us by the encompassing rural community. Collaborating with Ginger & Jardine to create the ‘Hunt Jump’ cosy stock shirt, roll necks and base layers was a fantastic highlight, using Lynne Jardine’s fabulous bamboo fabrics with our very own artwork from artist Ruth Buchanan; 10% of revenue from these items has been donated to the Hunt Servants Fund.

One of our super exciting projects was a Glaze & Gordon Countryside Calendar, of which 100% of profits are being donated to four countryside organisations: The Atlantic Salmon Trust, The Gamekeepers Welfare Trust, Greatwood for former racehorses and The Hunt Servants Fund. We carefully created the calendar in collaboration with people who we have met along our journey as a business so far. Each month is thoughtfully chosen to reflect that time of year in the countryside including shooting, fishing, hunting, working dogs, polo and stalking. We still have some of these available!

I was delighted to be asked by CGUK to assemble the perfect outfit for a shoot dinner, because of the opportunity to showcase Glaze & Gordon’s handpicked collection of clothing from the UK, Europe and the Americas but also to support such a wonderful organisation that promotes women in a community that has always been predominately male-driven.

However, a shoot dinner is a wonderful opportunity to look fresh and polished after a day in the field and we relish the opportunity to get dressed up after being up to our knees in mud! Here are a few of my ideas for the ideal shoot dinner outfit.

Goode Rider’s ‘The Posh Jean’ are a fabulous way to kick off the selection, fitted perfectly by the creators (who both used to work for Levi Strauss – so they know what makes good jeans!) they look smart and are also fleece lined to keep you toasty warm!

Teamed with a classically beautiful crisp white shirt you can’t go wrong, especially with the Margarita shirt from Columbian brand Ronner, whose intention is to seamlessly amalgamate the equestrian world with the fashion world – and boy have they done a good job. We have also chosen Ronner’s handmade velvet loafers, which look and feel fantastic, and each pair is lovingly hand-made to make it that little bit extra special. They come in many designs/colourways, but we particularly love the fox and horn design and the bug design for something totally different.

To add a glossy edge, the Sporting Hares Beauchamp Blazer is the perfect touch. Comes in different colours, but we think the red is biggest and boldest statement and contrasts beautifully with the black ‘Posh Jean’. Quintessential British tailoring at its finest, using only the finest materials and a gorgeous modern flourish.

Of course, no outfit would be complete without a quality leather belt, our Glaze & Gordon Bridgnorth belt is just the one. Handmade in Argentina, using the finest leather and solid brass to create a wonderfully rustic accessory that can be worn by both men and women. These belts are designed to last forever.

After a fantastic year for Glaze & Gordon, we are looking forward to some more exciting projects in 2022 and hopefully getting out to more events and seeing our lovely customers. We have really enjoyed being back out on the road this year, so nice to interact with the people that have shown us support and custom since we launched in 2017. We wish you a fantastic rest of the season, hopefully with no interruption, and hope you have some very boozy shoot dinners in the pipeline!

All the very best,