Glaze & Gordon is a company born from a passion for the countryside.

Founded by myself, Becs Glaze (with a little (lot!) of help from the family), in 2017, G&G focuses on all things country – shooting, hunting, riding and even a hint of fishing – with the understanding that these are not just hobbies, but lifestyle choices. 

From a farming background, and with the countryside running through our veins as a family, we have been riding and going on shoot days since we could walk.  Our love for the countryside, when combined with the frustration of not being able to source the products we wanted for our own pursuits, was the catalyst that sparked the idea of the company. We love the more traditional approach, in style and in substance, which was very difficult to find at a time we were searching high and low for products for our own horses. I was living in New York at the time, and found the range and quality of the products Stateside was outstanding as well as their emphasis on traditional colours and styling – this all inspired me to make bring this range of choice back to Blighty. This has resulted in a collection of brands from around the World combining with the very best of British which we think you will struggle to find elsewhere. 

Glaze & Gordon is very much a family effort, Dad is always there helping set up the stands at events (obviously keenly waiting for a trip to the pub afterwards), Kate helps with some of the writing you see on the website.. and is also keen for the trips to the pub at events, Mum seamlessly juggles babysitting my son Freddie with helping behind the side-lines, and Steve (aka Mr Gordon, my husband) keeps a keen eye on the finances. This family ethos is sustained in our search of wares from small, family-owned businesses that we can help support, promote and grow.  

I have worked hard to create a line of own branded products to compliment the bespoke, handpicked brands that make up the collection. Everything suits not only our tastes, but the customer base we have built up over the last three and a half years. In fact, I love the product range so much that I end up keeping more than my fair share of ‘samples’ (but don’t tell Mr Gordon!).

We have so many exciting projects completed and on the horizon. One I am particularly proud of is developing a bespoke handstitched needlepoint belt with an original salmon design, 15% of the sales of which are donated directly to the Atlantic Salmon Trust, a UK salmon conservation charity.

In honour of being invited to write a guest blog for @countrygirlsuk I have curated the perfect country girl outfit which is ideal for any occasion in the great British countryside – whether that be a days shooting and the pub afterwards, a summer show, a rainy point to point (although I do advise to swap the loafers for a pair of wellies for that occasion!) or even just a family BBQ.

These Goode Rider jeans are a brand-new product, and literally landed on our doorstep from the US just this week. Incredibly flattering and with the perfect fit, they look absolutely fantastic on everyone and team beautifully with the Adrian shooting shirt.

The beautiful, handmade leather-soled velvet loafers come in various designs and colours, but I just love the fox and horn ones as they really are a little bit different!

Of course, we had to include the Smathers & Branson needlepoint range in our outfit, this belt sums up the country girl perfectly and we think it rude not to include a hip flask to match!

Not being able to rely on the sunshine, I have included some flexible outerwear that go well with the rest of the outfit. The Annabel Brocks gilet looks stunning with the Goode Rider jeans, and Outback have created this fabulous oilskin jacket that is exceptional quality and completely unrivalled by anything in the UK.

Now COVID-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted I hope we can all get out to some events this summer, and that the sporting seasons are back to normal by Winter! Glaze & Gordon have missed seeing our customers over the last 12 months, and we cannot wait to get back to The Game Fair and Festival of Hunting in particular this July.

All the best,