This week celebrates British Game Week (23rd – 29th November 2020) so we had to get in touch with Curtis Pitts to compile a few words for a game meat themed blog. Curtis Pitts deer services is a business associated with our marketplace and one we are very passionate about supporting here at The Country Girls UK. 

Curtis is a staunch believer in venison and it makes up the majority of his business.  As a third-generation deer manager, he personally harvests all of his venison from managed parkland and wild landscapes in and around Devon.

 “Wild venison is an animal that lives in its natural habitat with no human interference, it has no reliance on man. The same can be said of wood pigeon and rabbits. Wild venison is a totally sustainable product with no human interference other than harvesting the carcass. The animal lives where it wants to, grazes and eats where it fancies and breeds and populates areas as and when mother nature lets them. The other thing to remember is that venison is richer in protein than any other red meat. It’s high in protein. It’s also rich in conjugated linoleic acid which is thought to support a healthy heart. It is full of iron and B vitamins which help the body convert the food into energy and it plays a vital role in brain and nervous system function.”

Curtis is currently working with Taste of Game and some top chefs to showcase venison in all its finery.

Charlotte Vincent, Head Chef at The Five Bells, Clyst Hyden, Devon has been buying venison and other game from Curtis for over a year.  She says she wouldn’t go anywhere else.

“Provenance is massively important to me and I love the way Curtis documents his stalking on his social channels, so I know exactly where it comes from and can see the humanity and respect with which it is treated throughout the harvesting and preparation process.  The meat is absolutely beautiful and very easy to work with.  It comes ready loined-down which really helps me out in my busy kitchen.  The Five Bells will continue to do take out meals during Lockdown 2.  We’ve also launched a new ‘Five Bells at Home’ service this weekend.  Our week three box will be a delicious Venison Wellington dish that our customers can make and enjoy at home and this will be Curtis’ finest locally-sourced venison.”

Check out this super video of Charlotte and Curtis’ showing the filed to fork journey of Curtis’ wild venison as Charlotte creates a delicious dish of Venison Wellington

(warning – don’t watch if you are hungry!)

Want to get creative during this British Game week?

Check out the recipe and method below for this mouth-watering Venison Wellington, you won’t regret it!

Our Country Girls UK members enjoy 10% off all Curtis’s products and we are in love with his family boxes, they’re super for stocking up the freezer!

Written by Alexandra Duncan and Charlotte Vincent