Our membership package is perfect for women looking to get involved in our community and connect with like-minded women. Our astonishing network spreads from Inverness to Plymouth and everywhere in between including Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland. We cover many country pursuits including shooting, farming, horse riding, dog training, falconry and more trust us when we say we have all your country needs covered!


Membership prices

Monthly – £12

Quarterly – £32 (£10.66 per month)

Half yearly – £60 (£10.00 per month)

Annually – £115 (£9.58 per month)


This includes

  • Access to our newly launched membership website with over 450 ladies.
  • Access to all of our previous masterclasses and live videos with industry experts.
  • Monthly discounts on all the British businesses in The CGUK marketplace and more

This includes discounts with businesses such as The Countryside Alliance where members can receive 20% off all insurance package.

  • Discounts on all of our CGUK events and merchandise.
  • Early access to all of our new events and merchandise.
  • Monthly members competitions and raffles with incredible prizes.
  • Access to our fantastic community of like-minded women to help ladies make friends locally no matter where they are based!


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Women's Social Shooting Groups

Check out what some of our current members have to say below!!


I am so happy and proud to be a member of the Country Girls UK!
I am relatively new to shooting and found it a little intimidating to be surrounded by men who were born and bred into it. I had been following the Country Girls for a little while and was a little apprehensive about joining as wasn’t sure if I’d fit in, or if I was experienced enough, but all I can say is I wished I had joined sooner! I’ve joined as a social member initially and have really been enjoying all of the talks, blogs, demos etc. and being part of the community that Tania and the team have created.
I had started having shooting lessons pre-covid, got the licence, got the gun but the pandemic had halted my progress. I decided to book myself on the beginners day at Eriswell and am sooooo pleased I did! I was a little nervous about it all to start with, but as soon as I arrived and saw all of the friendly faces and fired my first few shots the nerves all disappeared and I had the BEST time with some really incredible ladies. The day was so well planned, brilliant instructors, relaxed but still learnt plenty. There was no judgement, no fear, just a whole host of cheerleaders supporting each other! I am not usually one for big groups, especially big groups of women, but I can honestly say I did not feel out of place for one minute. I have come away absolutely buzzing and feeling like I’ve just made a whole host of new friends, even meeting a lady I’d never met who lives 10 minutes from me.
The Country Girls is an amazingly friendly group of like-minded women, making a very male-dominated sport accessible to us all. There is always so much going on, and the amount of hard work that goes in to everything they do is clear to see.
So even if you’re the tiniest bit curious – DO IT! You don’t have to have ever picked up a gun! Just get out there and give it a go and make some new friends while you’re at it. Thank you Country Girls xx
Hannah Mcivor – Beginners Day and member

These girls have been everything I’ve unknowingly been looking for! xx

Millie Clarke – Membership
There is one thing I can GUARANTEE you will get out of this membership and that is you will meet some of the most amazing women and make the best of friends with some of these girls.
Some of them might be weird as hell, or absolute fruit cakes, some of them might make you buy really bad glasses when you all get drunk on the gin nights. But these girls will be there through the good, the bad, and the ugly. They will be there for the celebrations and the crises. They will give you the best hugs and pick you up when you’re at your lowest point. They will advise you, guide you and empower you! But you will honestly make friends for life in this network. I have met girls through this group that I now couldn’t imagine them not being a part of my life.
We aren’t just people you follow on social media we are family and one hell of a kick-ass family at that.
So get involved with the family, no question is stupid, no shout for help will ever go unheard.
Alix Gregory – Membership
I’ve never been one for clubs or societies, yet I’m proud as punch to be in this one.
One massive thing I love, is that there is no country girl template. No mold to try and fit into.
It doesn’t matter where or how you grew up.
Whether you’ve grown up with shooting, or are just starting out.
Whether you own a certain type of boots or have a particular income.
Country or city, it really doesn’t matter.
Every lady is treated as equal and loved for what makes them who they are.
This really is a group of a lifetime, and it can only get better from here!
Alice Wotton – Membership

Becoming a CGUK member has given me so much more focus within fields ports in general. The community surrounding The Country Girls UK is so supportive… You don’t have to be just from the UK to be involved. I am based in Ireland with a fabulous Driven clay shoot planned here in June. I would encourage ladies from any country to join the family. I have made some lovely friends and connections through the group and the positive vibes and encouragement encountered make us stronger. I look forward to the years ahead within this community.

Melissa Molloy – Membership
Being a Member of The CGUK has been such a breath of fresh air these past few months. With being in a lockdown and living on my own, it’s been amazing to partake in group video calls, both just for some laughter and gin, but also for the educational value when there is a guest speaker! I love seeing what’s coming up each month and it’s so good to have something to continuously look forward to! Being part of the February Fitness challenge, being motivated by so many wonderful ladies felt truly incredible! Such a close-knit group of girls that are genuinely out to support each other! The variety of things available, recipes, guest speakers, members discounts, the list goes on, and wow are we so lucky! All I will say to those of you that are thinking about becoming a member… stop thinking and just do it! You won’t ever look back! I love being part of the CGUK community  xxx
Emily Winter- Membership

I signed up for the CGUK membership and have loved every minute. I’ve grown in confidence and met amazing ladies along the way. Each month has a different schedule planned for us and this has really kept me motivated especially during the lockdown. This month’s members Crufts competition was a laugh and the zoom butchery course was fabulous, not forgetting our monthly gin night which is still to come!! I can’t thank the ladies enough for being so welcoming, supportive & for sharing their knowledge xx

Abbie Wilson – Membership
I am so glad I bit the bullet and signed up for a CGUK membership! It’s so so lovely to be involved in such a supportive & positive community with like-minded ladies. We’ve already had so much fun in lockdown so roll on all the fun we’re going to have after lockdown !! My advice, sign up ASAP, you won’t regret it!!
Ps, would highly recommend the CGUK caps xx
Evangeline Evans – Membership

Becoming a CGUK member has definitely brightened up lockdown, it’s also made me realise how many lovely, like-minded ladies there are around to chat to and get to know! Can’t wait to finally meet all our members in the flesh when lockdown lifts xx

Alannah Kingdon – Membership
I have a CGUK membership and I’m loving it. I am keener to get out shooting than ever before as I have met a lovely group of ladies. The ladies are fabulous, supportive and share all their knowledge which makes it very welcoming. Last month we did a February challenge raising money for a great charity,  The CGUK Ladies motivated everyone to stay on track through our event WhatsApp group with motivation and progress along the way. The monthly schedules are amazing as there is so much new content including recipes on the blog, zoom/teams calls on different aspects of shooting and country life. They have been great as I am constantly learning or recapping stuff in more detail. The famous Gin nights are so much fun as it’s big catchup with everyone, along with a lot of laughs xx
Hannah Foreman- Membership