I am so happy and proud to be a member of the Country Girls UK!
I am relatively new to shooting and found it a little intimidating to be surrounded by men who were born and bred into it. I had been following the Country Girls for a little while and was a little apprehensive about joining as wasn’t sure if I’d fit in, or if I was experienced enough, but all I can say is I wished I had joined sooner! I’ve joined as a social member initially and have really been enjoying all of the talks, blogs, demos etc. and being part of the community that Tania and the team have created.
I had started having shooting lessons pre-covid, got the licence, got the gun but the pandemic had halted my progress. I decided to book myself on the beginners day at Eriswell and am sooooo pleased I did! I was a little nervous about it all to start with, but as soon as I arrived and saw all of the friendly faces and fired my first few shots the nerves all disappeared and I had the BEST time with some really incredible ladies. The day was so well planned, brilliant instructors, relaxed but still learnt plenty. There was no judgement, no fear, just a whole host of cheerleaders supporting each other! I am not usually one for big groups, especially big groups of women, but I can honestly say I did not feel out of place for one minute. I have come away absolutely buzzing and feeling like I’ve just made a whole host of new friends, even meeting a lady I’d never met who lives 10 minutes from me.
The Country Girls is an amazingly friendly group of like-minded women, making a very male-dominated sport accessible to us all. There is always so much going on, and the amount of hard work that goes in to everything they do is clear to see.
So even if you’re the tiniest bit curious – DO IT! You don’t have to have ever picked up a gun! Just get out there and give it a go and make some new friends while you’re at it. Thank you Country Girls xx