I absolutely loved my first ever Game day at The Folly with the Country Girls UK organised by Tania. I was the first to turn up (I was super early), I was a little nervous but was soon put at ease as soon as I met Kate, James and their lovely family… I was shown to the very cosy boot room and the other Country Girls started to arrive soon after. What a friendly and encouraging bunch of ladies, for someone who is very new to this sport and didn’t really know what to expect but again I was put at ease. Met my beautiful peg partner Caitlin for the first time, who kindly let me use her gun for the day and guided me through the day (we have now become very good friends) From start to finish it was well-organised hospitality was amazing and was enjoyed by all. Just to top off what was already a brilliant day I shot my first bird and also got kindly picked as the novice shooter of the day and was given a bag full of beautiful gifts. I left on a massive high with some new friends who I have since met up with at other events. Cannot wait until the next CGUK event. Thank you, EVERYONE, that was involved x