Hi, I’m Jordan from Hertfordshire. I split my work between an equine event photographer and also being part of team that sells agricultural supplies.

I only started getting interested in shooting at the back end of 2019, but it didn’t take long for the bug to get hold of me – by February I got my licence and first gun! I have had quite a few clay lessons and I’m really lucky to have a great local ground that’s less than 10 minutes from my house. Shooting clays is great but I really wanted to try shooting game, but had no idea where to start.

I like to call it fate, but in November 2019 I stumbled across the Country Girls Instagram page and instantly loved the idea and concept of joining a group of likeminded people (especially ladies that shoot) I was going to ask my parents to buy me a membership for Christmas, but got impatient and couldn’t wait that long! By the time I blinked, I had not only joined but booked myself on to not one but two game days in January (oops, finger must have slipped!) in addition I also put my name down on a waiting list for the Christmas shoot…… it was at the point I started to panic at the prospect of what I had signed up for, however, I didn’t worry for long as I almost immediately received the nicest message from The Country Girls UK welcoming me to the group, which put my mind at ease.

1st December is a day I remember well as I got a text to say someone had pulled out of the Christmas shoot and did I still want to come? In a nanosecond, my head said yes, but then I spent a good few hours trying to talk myself out of it, I was worried about the prospect of meeting new people and the thoughts of what if I don’t hit anything and what if I do! I decided why the hell not and said YES!! Best decision I had made all year!

The 12th December came round so quickly, driving to Ampton Estate for the shoot I was so nervous, terrified in fact, but took comfort that Tania creates group chats before the day, so the banter could begin and gave me a chance to feel like I had got to know the girls a bit already. I was pegged with a girl called Nat and her beautiful dog Fig (who had to sit out of the full gun dog experience due to being too little). Nat was a godsend, she helped me chill out and totally put my mind at ease. On the second drive I hit my first partridge and OMG I screamed like a girl – it was amazing! In the same drive, I also hit my first pheasant and got a left and right! I can’t tell you what an amazing feeling that was, I was so overwhelmed. Nat on the other hand fluffed the whole second drive purely from being so excited for me. As we boarded the gun bus, even Nat couldn’t wait to tell the rest of the girls what I had achieved.

The whole day was filled with terrible banter, the most amazing shooting, a couple of tipples and snacks but most importantly 15 fantastic girls from all over the country to shoot and enjoy each other’s company.

2020 was a challenging year to say the least but my decision to join the Country Girls was the highlight!

Written by Jordan Brooking