*Ladies before we pass over to CFG for this super important blog please can we stress how important your hearing is to your health. If you are shooting, you NEED to protect your ears. We The Country Girls UK have made the decision to make hearing protection mandatory on all of our shoots. You do not have to buy expensive ear guards, yes, in our opinion, they are worth it. But there are cheaper options available for those that can’t afford to spend a lot of money on hearing protection. Trust us when we say shooting is fun but hearing the laughs of the women between drives is even more fun. Please take this seriously, you only have one set of ears.*

Protecting your ears while shooting is essential! With the help of CFG, they can help you get it right, without the hassle. As they say… they are hear to help!

They have an incredible FREE home appointment service, which is available throughout England and Wales, it’s never been easier to get your hands-on custom hearing protection, made perfect for your ears only.

Shooting Ear Plugs for Women

Their fantastic range of custom fit, shooting earplugs are the ultimate solution to keep your ears protected, whether you’re behind the trigger or simply spectating. Not only do they dedicate hours of hand-manufacturing time into your product, they always make sure to start your journey by ensuring they find the right product to suit you. A customer experience like no other, tailored from start to finish, their amazing team is always happy to answer any questions you may have about their products or services.

For ladies, in particular, CFG has had a lot of feedback that universal earplugs (such as foam plugs, etc) never seem to fit quite right, always fall out, don’t provide consistent protection and just become annoying. Resulting in you going home with ringing ears and a sore head, which is never good. The main reason for this is due to ladies having a narrower ear canal. Going custom fit eliminates all the possibilities of the above happening and has great benefits right from the start.

With exhibitions and events being canceled this year, CFG has gone above and beyond to make its products and services accessible to all. The creation of their home appointment service, better known as CFG Direct, has completely changed the game for anyone looking for the best hearing protection around. The best part about this is that it comes at no extra cost, simply place your order online and they’ll come directly to you for your ear impressions appointment.

You can find out more about this here – https://customfitguards.com/pages/how-to-purchase

Some of the major benefits of using custom fit shooting ear plugs are:

  • All day comforts
  • Impeccable impulse protection
  • They won’t fall out of your ears
  • You can still maintain awareness of your surroundings / have conversations
  • Start the process with an appointment in the comfort of your own home
  • No ear is too small or too big
  • They will last you 5-7 years (only because your ears will outgrow them)

Check out some of their most popular products below:

  1. CF Switch – £119 (10% off available for CGUK members)

The CF Switch is by far their most popular shooting ear plug and CFG are certain that it’s the most in demand, passive shooting ear plug, in the UK today. With its simple functionality it as easy as placing them in your ears and off you go, knowing the protection kicks in when you need it. 

The recessed sliding mechanism provides you with the option to reduce or increase the amount of surrounding sound they would like to hear before the gunshot sound is present. 

  • CF Digital – £365 (10% off available for CGUK members)

The CF Digital is at the forefront of custom digital shooting hearing protection. Incredibly unique in comparison to any competing product on the market. CFG has innovated the flushest custom digital product with all of the amazing electronics embedded directly within your earpiece.

With 4 different amplification settings, you can regain or excel your hearing better than ever for that competitive edge with advanced impulse protection that reacts in milliseconds.

You can browse everything CFG has to offer here – www.customfitguards.com or catch the team at an event when they start back up.

If you have any questions get in touch with CFG via…

Phone – 01926 314 500

Email – [email protected]

Live chat is also available on their website

Facebook (Custom Fit Guards) – Instagram (@customfitguards