Working Dogs

Woman’s best friend. Our partners in the field. When it comes to working dogs, there is so much to learn and boy are we learning from some of the best! From unconventional gun dogs, to choosing gundogs as a career. Check out our gundog blogs from inspiration teams who are smashing it in their field!

The Story Behind Hectorkirk Gundogs And Sporting

Written by Hectorkirk Gundogs

Hectorkirk Gundogs and Sporting is a small family run business based in the Yorkshire Dales, specialising in quality Gundog training days in the north of England alongside breeding top quality… Read more »

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A Shoot Day With Our Head Of Gundogs Sophie Mair

Written by Sophie Mair

For those who don’t already know me my name is Sophie, I am the owner of Highpowley Labradors and the brand new Head Of Gundogs with The Country Girls UK.… Read more »

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A lesson in Gundog Casting

Emma from Anglian Dog Works

Who We Are Hi, I’m Emma, accredited as a professional dog trainer by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and co-owner of Anglian Dog Works. We’re working dog owners… Read more »

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A career in Gundogs – an insight into the wonderful world of having a successful gundog business

Written by Natasha Roberts

Let me just start by saying this isn’t the glorified ‘play with dogs all day’ image that it may portray! Sorry to disappoint!  I started off as a 19-year-old ‘poo… Read more »

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The Country Girls UK shooting glossary

Written by The Country Girls UK

For those new to shooting and those in the community that are unsure about a few key shooting terms. We have written an alphabetical glossary to help make shooting less… Read more »

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The Spotty Labrador of Foxhope Gundogs

Written by Emma Mather

My name is Emma Mather and I own Foxhope Gundogs and Taliory Dalmatians based in the North East. My start to the shooting world wasn’t quite as easy as “I’ve… Read more »

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