Field to Fork Recipes

A huge part of our ethos here at The Country Girls UK is educating people on ‘Why we do what we do’ What better way to show that than to provide you with as many quality field to fork recipes as we possibly can. The most sustainable, ethical, and all-around best-tasting meat out there.

All our blogs can be printed off for ease of use in the kitchen. We have also thrown in some of our all-time favourite British meat recipes to spice up your creativity in the kitchen. Enjoy xx

Curing and Hot Smoking Mackerel/Trout

Written By Bod from Vale House Kitchens

There’s something amazing about curing and smoking. I’m always really surprised that people think it is something that’s hard to do when actually the opposite is in fact true. It… Read more »

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Pork, Apple & Black Pudding Scotch eggs

Written by Kirsten Smith

Why not liven up classic Scotch eggs with the gorgeous, deep flavor of black pudding and a hint of sweetness from fresh cox apple. This tasty twist on the picnic must-have… Read more »

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Steak, leek & mushroom pie!

Written by Kiri Palmer

I hope you girls all like this recipe as much as I do as it’s a firm favourite in my house! I made this by accident one day when I… Read more »

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Kicking off British Pie Week with a great Game Pie

Written by Tania Coxon

British Pie Week is upon us and it only seems right to celebrate said week with an incredible game pie. On Tania’s top-rated pies are classic Steak & Ale and… Read more »

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Why was The Oxton Liqueur Company’s Rhubarb Gin voted the Best in the World?

Written by The Oxton Liqueur Company

As new members of the CGUK Marketplace, we would like to introduce ourselves and our business – The Oxton Liqueur Company.  We have always made Sloe Gin & Damson Gin… Read more »

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Crispy pheasant in a sticky Chinese inspired sauce with garlic and soy pak choi

Written by Millie Clarke

Chinese New Year – also known as the Spring Festival, welcomes spring and what it brings along: new life, plantings, harvests and fresh starts. It is also a celebration of… Read more »

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Haggis Bon Bons with a Whisky Marmalade Dip

Written by Amelia Rome

Ingredients For the Bon Bons: 600g Cooked Haggis – You can boil it or bake it, I prefer baked! 4 Tablespoons Flour 2 Eggs 100g Breadcrumbs – Shop bought, or… Read more »

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Venison and sweet chilli jam sausage rolls

Written By Millie Clarke

Who doesn’t love a sausage roll?! They are very easy to make and quite simply delicious – I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for sausage rolls and… Read more »

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The lazy girl guide to sloe gin making

Written by Charlotte Handley

(plus a tip on how to reuse your sloes to an extra boozy delight!) Ok, so I probably should have started making my sloe gin a few weeks ago, but… Read more »

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Enjoy wild venison this British Game Week

Written by Alexandra Duncan and Charlotte Vincent

This week celebrates British Game Week (23rd – 29th November 2020) so we had to get in touch with Curtis Pitts to compile a few words for a game meat themed blog.… Read more »

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