Country Fashion

When out in the field, or in the countryside, it’s important to be wearing the right gear. Rarely in terms of fashion, but always from a practical point of view. You don’t want to be out shooting without reliable clothing that can keep you comfortable, warm and dry! Read our blogs below for what to wear in the countryside.

The Country Girls UK shooting glossary

Written by The Country Girls UK

For those new to shooting and those in the community that are unsure about a few key shooting terms. We have written an alphabetical glossary to help make shooting less… Read more »

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What to wear on a game day?

Written by Claire Annable

So, you’ve booked your first day shooting and now the nerves are setting in as you worry about what on earth you are going to wear. The excitement has given… Read more »

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Welligogs Country Girl Look

Written by Miriam Hopkins

What could be more British than Wellington boots?  Get the Country Girl Look with Welligogs, whose ethos centres around British made, family-run, and locally sourced materials. Our range is designed to… Read more »

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