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An insight into heather burning

Live by Emma Mather

What really goes on when heather burning? What are the benefits and why is it so necessary for moorland management? These are just some of the burning questions we had… Read more »

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Curing and Hot Smoking Mackerel/Trout

Written By Bod from Vale House Kitchens

There’s something amazing about curing and smoking. I’m always really surprised that people think it is something that’s hard to do when actually the opposite is in fact true. It… Read more »

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A day in the life of a Tree Surgeon

Live by Melissa Molloy

Join Melissa Molloy as she explains and shows us what a day in the life of a tree surgeon entails. Based in the heart of Ireland Melissa, shows us the… Read more »

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A day in the life of a Farm Vet

Live by Sophie Harding

Join Sophie Harding a full-time farm animal vet smashing it on a day-to-day basis to keep farmers producing the best quality products with the highest welfare standards in the world.… Read more »

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A day in the life of a Gamekeeper

Live by Charlotte Burder

Join Charlotte Burder a single-handed gamekeeper paving the way for female keepers on a partridge shoot in Cambridgeshire.

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Pork, Apple & Black Pudding Scotch eggs

Written by Kirsten Smith

Why not liven up classic Scotch eggs with the gorgeous, deep flavor of black pudding and a hint of sweetness from fresh cox apple. This tasty twist on the picnic must-have… Read more »

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Steak, leek & mushroom pie!

Written by Kiri Palmer

I hope you girls all like this recipe as much as I do as it’s a firm favourite in my house! I made this by accident one day when I… Read more »

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Kicking off British Pie Week with a great Game Pie

Written by Tania Coxon

British Pie Week is upon us and it only seems right to celebrate said week with an incredible game pie. On Tania’s top-rated pies are classic Steak & Ale and… Read more »

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A career in Gundogs – an insight into the wonderful world of having a successful gundog business

Written by Natasha Roberts

Let me just start by saying this isn’t the glorified ‘play with dogs all day’ image that it may portray! Sorry to disappoint!  I started off as a 19-year-old ‘poo… Read more »

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The Country Girls UK shooting glossary

Written by The Country Girls UK

For those new to shooting and those in the community that are unsure about a few key shooting terms. We have written an alphabetical glossary to help make shooting less… Read more »

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