Following shooting etiquette when selecting your shooting gear is essential and part of the fun for preparing for your next meet. As well as choosing your preferred style, whether is it tweed or a contemporary fabric, there are important factors to be considered.

Three areas to consider when you are choosing your shooting kit are safety, comfort and functionality, as these will play an important part in having a successful and enjoyable day.

Firstly, always ensure your kit is in good condition to keep you warm, dry and comfortable whatever conditions you encounter.  To ensure your clothing will keep you protected, check that the item has waterproof protection, with adequate ventilation such as the Seeland Avail Woman Camo Jacket which has been treated with Seeland’s SEETEX Membrane to stop moisture from penetrating the jacket. The Avail Camo Jacket also has a two-way zip which can aid ventilation when your body heat increases when you are on the move. Another feature to look out for is drawstring hems, adjustable cuffs and hoods that you can pull in tightly when the wind picks up and you want to keep out cold draughts, keeping you warm and comfortable all day long.

Seeland Avail Camo Jacket

There are many safety aspects to think about when preparing for a day on the field, and not just for your clothing but for your four-legged companion that may be with you on the day.  Tick season has started early this year it seems, and our doggy friends are likely to be the first point of call for ticks.  Pack a Lifesystems Compact Tick Tweezers so you can keep your dog tick-free while you are on the go.  Likewise, if you are heading to the hills with mossy areas, be sure to protect yourself with Deerhunter Lady Anti-Insect Trousers with HHL Treatment which have added Vital Protection treatment to prevent biting insects and ticks, as well as providing durable reinforced fabric to endure walking through ruffage. For further advice on dealing with ticks, check out ArdMoor’s ‘How to Deal with Ticks’ blog

Another form of protection in this type of terrain is a pair of gaiters over your walking boots to ensure your feet are protected from thorny undergrowth, mud and snow. Crispi Gaiters are made from robust water-resistant nylon designed to keep your boots from getting wet and to stop small abrasions happening. A strong under wire is in place to keep the gaiters firmly in place, giving you peace of mind to cross rough undergrowth.

For this time of year, as the Roe Deer season is starting to get underway, you will be needing lightweight stalking gear with lots of flexibility and movement as you will need to stealthily cross terrain to get close enough for a successful shot. As the weather starts to get milder, you may want to swap your heavier winter jacket for a lightweight option such as the Harkila Orton Packabale Lady Jacket that is a 100% polyester, full stretch peached canvas for a noiseless and durable outer layer that can easily be packed away if the weather is too warm. Another item to pack into your bag would be a lightweight mid layer for times when you are stationary waiting for a sighting.  A soft fleece waistcoat will provide instant warmth for those early morning starts and can also be easily folded and packed into a rucksack quickly if not needed. The Seeland Woodcock Ivy Fleece is ana excellent addition and can be used at home for a warming layer in the evening providing a highly functioning and useful item.

Written by Ardmoor