Well would you believe it!

On the 1st November, we officially turn 3!! 

The time is flying by and as the well known saying goes…time flies when you’re having fun!

Flashback to this time 3 years ago, we were frantically putting all of the last pieces in place to launch our website to the public, offering an array of events and merchandise to all of you country women out there!

You may probably know that The Country Girls itself actually started in 2018 in the form of a WhatsApp group, set up by our founder Tania with the aim to create a community for woman to get involved in country and fieldsports.

The growth in our community since those early days has been something beyond a dream, and we are lucky to be able to welcome so many ladies in to our family, introducing them to new hobbies, friendships and for some, a new way of life.

Fast forward to now and we are continuing to go from strength to strength.

We are entering our 3rd game season with nearly all of our events sold out already, we have a strong team of ambassadors and a member base that is continually growing.

The financial crisis did have an impact, where we experienced lower booking figures than previous years and unfortunately had to postpone some events, as seen across the whole industry.

Understandably, hobbies and interests sometimes had to take a back seat for some as the personal expenditure became tighter, and we are happy that we were able to actually reduce our membership price to try and support those ladies who still wanted to be involved with our community.

Our game season is looking like it is going to be the best yet, with a variety of shoots such as pheasant, duck and pigeon shoots, and not forgetting our 4 night stay with SAC sporting in Scotland: an epic long weekend full of activities such as wildfowling, stalking, butchery and rifle shooting!

Our staple Christmas Shoot is also on the cards with Christmas attire being a must!

We’ve been lucky enough to share so many incredible blogs, videos and recipes to both our members and followers over the last 12 months, providing educational content for you to learn from and expand your knowledge. This includes are brilliant Firearms talk that we held back in March with the wonderful team from MedCert and our Shooting Coach Nicki Wakeford. This was an absolutely priceless talk where our members were able to gain clarification on anything to do with applying for your shotgun licence, to storage and travel with a gun.

Of course, we again attended The Game Fair at Ragley Hall this year which was a huge success, and whilst there, our Founder was presented with The BASC Ladies Shooting award from BASC for her role in promoting women’s shooting.

It’s hard to believe that we started during a global pandemic, but we have proven to stand the test of time and are here to stay!

More than ever before, we love doing what we are doing and strive to continue to introduce ladies to all things country, rural and fieldsports and to be there with them along the way offering a supporting hand, a shoulder to cry on and someone to laugh with!