After a couple of hard seasons due to covid, we all needed a break to get everything back on track, but what has happened so far this year hasn’t helped at all.

Many estates were already rock bottom, with shoot days being cancelled due to the pandemic, now the rising costs for almost anything, it has made running a shoot quite tough to make it worth while.

We’ve seen increases in fuel, feed, fertilisers and much more, which are all necessary to keep a shoot running. On top of all this, bird flu kicked in which has meant a lack of eggs and poults coming into the country across from France. Some shoots have been lucky enough to get their full amount which will allow them to carry on with a full programme, while others haven’t been as lucky.
Therefore less shooting available, but with still a high demand, has meant shoots have had to up their prices to keep their businesses afloat, if they haven’t folded under the pressure already.

We have heard of shoots and syndicates up and down the country that have been forced to take the decision to not put any birds down this year, with the hope we see costs settle down next year.

Guns could be looking to pay anywhere up to £100 including VAT per bird! So if you are lucky enough to get out this season, be sure to enjoy it, and we can all hope to see things back a little more normal next year.

Written by Murray Wilson from Glenmazeran Estate near Tomatin, Scotland