Eating game produce is something all of our members love to do, celebrating true field-to-fork recipes and fully submersing themselves in the countryside way of life. Our lovely member Katie Young shares some delicious recipes with us, and so we thought we would give some inspiration to our followers to use any game meat you have in your freezer this festive season.

A ragu is a crowd pleaser, and using venison gives it that extra edge. Enjoy this mouth-watering recipe (and be sure to make a big batch of it, because you’re going to want to keep eating it!!)

Note: To find venison on the bone, ask your butcher if he can help or put you in touch with a local gamekeeper – or ask on a Facebook page, such as “Giving up the Game”. 

I have venison if you’re midlands based and I am sure some of the “country girls” could help! 


Oven Ingredients: 

1 x Venison Shoulder (We used Roe) 

1 x Lg Onion 

1 x Leek 

4 x Garlic Cloves 

4 x Carrots 

250ml (ish) red wine 

1 ltr Beef Stock 

1 Large tbl sp Dried Oregano 

To add to saucepan:

2 tbl sp tomato puree 

1 tbl sp lee & perrins 

Salt & Pepper 

Optional – Truffle Powder

Note: The ingredient list is flexible. Be creative! 


Pop all Oven Ingredients into a large casserole dish or roasting tin – the leg whole & the veg chopped into a few large chunks. 

Cover the dish well & place in the oven at 100 degrees for a minimum of 6 hours (can easily be left much longer). 

When ready, remove the shoulder and place to one side.

Strain the juices and add them to saucepan. 

(Dispose of the veg). 

Add to the saucepan, the Tomato Puree & Lee & Perrins, then season to taste.

Simmer on a high heat until reduced by around half. 

In the meantime, shred the venison & chop if too large. Add this back to the sauce & if you fancy, add a large tspn of Truffle Powder (buy online). 

Serve with pasta (We like the fresh tagliatelle or the dried paradelle) a twist of black pepper & some fresh grated parmesan! 

Written by Katie Young, Member of The Country Girls UK