If you’re looking for a simple and tasty recipe using wild garlic, you have come to the right place!

Here’s a recipe from our founder Tania Coxon for Wild Garlic Pesto with her favourite ways to eat it.


•300g of Wild Garlic leaves

•100g of Parmesan

•100g Hazelnuts close second best is Pine Nuts

•1/2 a lemon

•As much Olive Oil as you want to add


Chop all the dodgy bits off the leaves and cut the stem right off, then wash thoroughly. Blend all the leaves into a big bowl until they’re super fine.

Grate your parmesan and add it to the bowl. 

Roast your hazelnuts (oh my god the smell) if they’re not already, peel them at this point. Then use a Pestle and Mortar to crush the nuts, then add to the mix.

Add salt, Pepper and Lemon to your preferred taste.

Then start to add the olive oil. Start by pouring slowly and mixing at the same time. The consistency will thin out but this bit is completely up to you, the more oil you add the weaker the wild garlic becomes. Some people love it liquidy, some people like a kick and more spreadable. Personally for me I love the kick so I don’t add too much at this point. Then depending on what you’re serving it with you can add more oil to the specific servings as and when you please.

My favourite starter// PLMT: Bake an olive Ciabatta bread, spread the wild garlic on the crusty slices with butter then add sliced buffalo mozzarella, beef tomato and fresh lettuce.

My favourite side// Roasted Wild Garlic New Potato’s: Add new potatoes into a bowl, add a huge lump of Wild Garlic Pesto shake the bowl until the pesto has smothered all the potatoes. Place them onto a baking tray and dribble oil all over. Leave In the oven for 40/50mins and smeeellll the goodness 😍

Main Meal// Wild Garlic leg of lamb: Smoother the whole leg of lamb with wild garlic Pesto and olive oil. Add cuts into the meat and squish the pesto into the slithers. Seal in the oven for half an hour and then reduce the heat for a further two and a half hours. 

Thank me later 😍😍

Written By Tania Coxon