You may be wondering what it means to be a member of The Country Girls UK, and so we thought we would put it all in one place for you!

It’s easy to catch snippets of our offering across our social media channels, but it’s definitely easy to forget what exactly you can benefit from when you join us.

Joining CGUK is joining a community, and we want to ensure that you have everything you could ever need at your fingertips. Being able to reach out to other members gives you the opportunity to make new friends who share the same interest as you!

When you join as a member, you will be granted access to our members portal almost instantly (once the techy people do their bits and bobs). 

On our portal, you will find:

  • All of our events – including any member-only events. This is where you will be able to gain early bird access to any of our upcoming events. Launch date information will be released previous to a new wave of events being released, so always keep your eyes on our social media and on your email inbox, because you will be the first to know!
  • Our Marketplace, where you will have access to discount codes off over 35 British Brands. Find shooting clothing, accessories, footwear, alcohol, food, crafts and much more from some well-known brands and independent companies. Including Ardmoor, Field & Fireside, Fortis, Massy-Birch, Countryside Alliance, Medcert, Wild & Game and many more! Discounts range from 5%-20% and you can find the unique code over on the Marketplace tab!
  • All of our previous masterclasses, ready for you to sit back and enjoy. We have an array of Masterclasses from industry professionals that you can watch, enjoy and learn from. There are 38 videos for you to delve into for now, and there is always new content coming through monthly. We are always open to suggestions for masterclasses, so if there is something you would love to learn about, be sure to get in touch with us and we will do our best to arrange it!
  • See a snapshot of each of our regions, including our ambassador details, other members within that region and upcoming events. You’ll also find a handy map with locations of members, so you can see who is in your area!
  • All of our previous blogs – including our member-only content such as Coach’s Corner, Cookery Corner and Gundog Corner. As with our Masterclasses, any blog we have published previous to you joining can be found in our Blog section. All of our “Corners” can be found here, such as Nicki Wakeford’s Coaching Corner, full of tips and advice on improving your shooting. Our Cookery Corner with Esther aka The Country Cook, with recipes, skills and equipment tips and our newly introduced Gundog Corner with tips on training and a whole lot more!
  • Our shop with all of our merchandise available, including a member-only discount code.

On top of all of this, as a member, you will receive a Welcome Pack a week or two after joining. This pack includes:

  • A booklet with everything you need to know about your CGUK membership.
  • Your very own loyalty card. Simply bring this along to any event you attend (excluding social events) and once you have collected 6 stamps, we will credit your account with £150!
  • A unique CGUK pin badge to wear on your favourite jacket.
  • Some handy, helpful booklets and leaflets to help you on your shooting journey.

As if this wasn’t enough, don’t forget that you can also benefit from:

  • Our very own referral scheme: Members can benefit from a free month when people use their referral codes. Your unique code can be found on your home page on the members portal. 
  • Early access to any events or new merchandise we launch.
  • Our members-only Facebook group where we have lots of friendly chats and monthly competitions which can give you the chance to win some amazing prizes!

We are always thinking of new ways to add value to our membership, and so this is merely the basics of what you can expect when you join us today. We plan to bring you even more content, events and masterclasses to keep you happy!

If this all sounds too good to miss, hit the button below to get signed up today! We are always here for you, so if you have any questions whatsoever about your membership or anything else, please reach out!