When it comes to Shooting & Hunting – it’s very important to have the right attire.

Now that isn’t just the right style of boots, your tweed jacket, and the ever-so-important shooting cap – that involves your hearing protection as well. Whether you’re a professional, sport shooter, or game hunter, proper hearing protection is necessary for anyone being exposed to gunshot noise.

A single blast of a gunshot can reach up to 165 decibels in sound, nearly twice the limit of what is considered safe. Now, if you listen to this repeatedly over time with no protection, you’re likely to suffer with hearing damage.

Now blocking out harmful levels of noise from your firearm doesn’t mean you have to compromise on what you’re hearing.

Thanks to new technology, ISOtunes electronic ear defenders have built in Tactical Sound Control Technology which means you can enhance your hearing whilst also enhancing your performance.

Tactical Sound Control

Tactical Sound Control (TSCTM) gives you an advantage by amplifying environmental sounds by up to 8x their natural volume. This means you can easily hear the sounds around you whilst you’re shooting.

TSCTM uses omni-directional microphones to pick up sounds you need to hear, like range commands, instructions, and game.

Regardless of your preferred environmental volume level, you’re always protected. TSCTM senses harmful gunshot noises in under 2ms, and reduces them back to a safe listening level.

Now I know what you’re thinking – this all sounds great but which is the best shooting protection for me?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. ISOtunes has a great range of hearing protection that can suit your preferred style – from in-ear, to classic ear defenders and even a new wireless model! At ISOtunes there is something for everyone.

The ISOtunes Sport range has a fantastic collection of hearing protection that is designed specifically for modern-day shooters looking for the next generation of hearing protection.


Firstly, there is the classic in-ear protection style – the ADVANCE headphones.

The first of its kind – the ADVANCE headphones are an in-ear tactical hearing protector that provides awareness and active gunshot noise attenuation.

Both incredibly comfortable and lightweight – this is the perfect option for a shooting enthusiast who is looking to keep their hands free.

Sport DEFY Slim & DEFY Slim Basic

Next up are two of the latest additions to the ISOtunes Sport range – the DEFY Slim and the DEFY Slim Basic.

Both electronic earmuffs have been specially designed be to ultra-comfortable, with their slim design and enhanced features, including TSCTM to protect your hearing up to 8X whilst constantly protecting you from harmful gunshot noises.

The DEFY Slim provides superior protection and environmental awareness with active gunshot noise suppression, active background noise-dampening microphone and Bluetooth compatibility – meaning you can stay connected and align your sights with ease – without sacrificing your safety.

The DEFY Slim Basic also delivers that same quality hearing protection with Tactical Sound Control qualities – whilst benefitting you from that same ultra-slim design so you don’t have to worry about bulky defenders weighing you down.

These are both great for a shooter / hunting enthusiast who prefers a traditional ear defender style, with the bonus of a slimmer fit to allow ease of movement whilst you’re on the go.


And finally, the newest addition to the family – we have the CALIBER headphones.

The CALIBER headphones are the ultimate hearing protection to give you the freedom you want whilst giving you the protection you need.

Small and mighty – the CALIBER headphones are a wireless Bluetooth sharing earbud that packs a big punch in a little package.

Both dust, sweat, and waterproof – this electronic ear pro allow you to move freely with their wireless design, and can deliver up to 13 hours of protection without needing to be recharged – perfect for long days on the hunt.

Not forgetting that impressive Tactical Sound Control – the CALIBER headphones are here to revolutionise shooting and hunting hearing protection.

These would be perfect for the hunter on the go who prefers the convenience of no wires.

For further information on ISOtunes Sport products – please head to ISOtunes Sport Website here, and discover more about our Tactical Sound Control on the discover page.

Written by the team at ISOtunes