Women’s Shooting

Getting into shooting can be a daunting experience – especially as a novice. That’s why we’re continuing to source articles and blogs from ladies in shooting to help inspire and inform. From what to wear on a game day to getting used to the lingo with our shooting glossary. If there’s anything you’d like to see more of, let us know!

Equipment and kit recommended for clay shooting

Written by Nicki Wakeford

WE’RE GOING ON A CLAY SHOOT! Clay shooting is great fun but you will have an even better experience if you are prepared and have all the necessary kit. I… Read more »

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Shooting psychology, are you ready?

Written by Paul Hughes

Having just returned home from India after some unusual preparations I thought it might be an appropriate time to write some thoughts about preparing for the return to competition. I… Read more »

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How to handle your shotgun safely

Written By Nicki Wakeford

Good Shooting is No Accident! This is one you cannot afford to get wrong because of the potential consequences.  If you are cavalier or demonstrate poor gun safety without remorse and… Read more »

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Mental Health in Field Sports

Written by Julia Newman

Mental health has always affected many people, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year and 1 in 6 people report experiencing one… Read more »

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What to Expect on a CGUK Beginners day

Written by Steph Le Poidevin

Hello! I’m Steph and as an Australian, I was as far from a UK Country Girl as they come.  At 30 years old I packed up my life and moved… Read more »

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What is a simulated shoot day?

Ever wondered what a simulated shoot day actually is? We have teamed up with the amazing @jago_miller to bring you a series of short films to show you exactly what… Read more »

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What to wear on a simulated shoot day

Written by Sammie Burder

Before even thinking clothing-wise about what I’m going to wear on a simulated shoot day I pack my bag of essentials which consists of: Ear defenders – protecting your hearing… Read more »

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Tips and pitfalls of buying your first gun

Written by Nicki Wakeford

ANNIE GET YOUR GUN!! TIPS AND PITFALLS OF BUYING YOUR FIRST GUN Buying your first gun will be one of the most exciting days of your shooting career! But there… Read more »

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The Country Girls UK shooting glossary

Written by The Country Girls UK

For those new to shooting and those in the community that are unsure about a few key shooting terms. We have written an alphabetical glossary to help make shooting less… Read more »

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What to wear on a game day?

Written by Claire Annable

So, you’ve booked your first day shooting and now the nerves are setting in as you worry about what on earth you are going to wear. The excitement has given… Read more »

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